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The public burial of the UN-Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) took place at 3.30 p.m. on Nov. 10, 2010 in the Frankfurt river Main.

On the history of the slaughtered convention:

As a reaction to the Cripple-Tribunal, the Foucault and Russell Tribunals from 2001 there was a need from the side of the states, instead of changing the practices, to just make any international agreement in order to stifle criticism with reference to these "great" agreements. That is a typical method how those with power in the state negate the demands for the respect of human rights of the oppressed, in democracies just as with dictatorships, in order to maintain the deception that human rights are being upheld.

Unfortunately the NGO´s taking part in the preparation of the CRPD could not push through our demand that the ban on coercive psychiatry must be explicitly taken up in the convention, as with its incompatibility with human rights. If that had succeeded, then with acceptance of the convention and/or its respective ratification, it would have been clear from the outset what the decision was and it would not have had the slightest chance for any "interpretations".

In fact, the only thing achieved was that this demand is implicitly included in the convention, one could say it was "legal logic" included in the articles thereof. That was probably a diplomatic compromise, so that ostensibly the convention would not seem so "conspicuous" any more. However, in doing so, the weight of succeeding with the demand on a national state level had been shifted: With the ratifications it would now be decided whether the abolishment of coercive psychiatry was in fact accepted as an implicitly logical result of the convention. But because the end of coercive psychiatry is not desired, either the convention should, in an honest way, not have been signed at all or, just as honestly, after initialing, should not have been ratified (as appears to have been decided by the USA). The other option, namely to make a hypocritical fraud out of the convention, is what all states which have ratified it so far have chosen to do.

However, you have to give credit to these states in that the national legislators committed this fraud without having been previously informed of this implicit logic. These legislators can thus declare their guilelessness, assuming themselves to be "innocent". In complete contrast to this, in Germany the disability-political cynics delivered a disgusting farce hand in hand with the German Society for Sozial Psychiatry (DGSP): Lies and deception on an open stage by Prof. Peter Kruckenberg who was questioned as an "expert" in the parliamentary hearing.

The slaughter of the CRPD in Germany. The political class and its courtiers have cynically seized human rights in order to divide them so that they do not apply to certain people and make a mockery of human rights.

Knowing this stereotyped reaction to the abuse of human rights, in a political way in the form of a public debate it was overwhelmingly made clear at the CRPD BEFORE the ratification to all the representatives of the sovereign, what consequences the CRPD brings with it, i.e. what promises have to be kept regarding their ratification. This was done on the basis of a legal expert opinion and the unequivocal opinion of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, expressed in Information Note No. 4 on the Dignity and Justice for Detainees Week

The law maker opted for fraud, in that on the advice of e.g. his DGSP "advisors", he simply by declaration denies these consequences and, despite the implementation of the CRPD, decided that assault and unlawful detention of the alleged "mentally ill" are not crimes, something which is not the case with those not so defamed. In a completely shameless audacity, the meaning of words is negated in political decision-making and power is exercised in a sado anal mode, figuratively speaking.

Germany has thus become the worst country in the world with regard to its policy on disability law:

  • At the government level it was particularly the Federal Government Commissioner for the Needs of Disabled People, Karin Evers-Meyer, who was at the helm, having organized the ratification as a slaughter of the convention.
  • The Berlin health senator, Karin Lompscher, with her state secretary, Benjamin Hoff, was in the key position required by the expert opinion referred to the Berlin mental health law to fulfil the CRPD, but instead responded with slander against the demanding activists.
  • Under the leadership of its director, Heiner Bielefeldt, the German Institute for Government Favors by its unconditional acceptance of the so-called monitoring contract has made itself courtiers to the government and still deceives the public with the claim that it is a "German Institute for Human Rights".
  • In the meantime, this institute, now under the new director, Beate Rudolf, even invites the organizations of those who as perpetrators systematically violate the convention: the German Psychiatric Association and their camouflage associations. To invite these perpetrators as "survivors of psychiatry" is the height of cynicism that this "monitoring body" now openly displays: If the government pays them, they would even describe a Gulag as an exemplary vacation home!

More slaughterers of the convention were:

  • the disability policy spokesman of the fraction in the federal parliament, Hubert Hüppe " Conservative party (currently the Federal Government commissioner for the disabled), Silvia Schmidt " Labour party, Dr. Ilja Seifert " Post communist party, Markus Kurth " Green Party.
  • The Brandenburg state parliament, the first after entry into force of the UN convention to immediately prove that it wanted to mock the minimum human rights standards of the CRPD and that however supplied with detailed information of its members of parliament, it could install a new powerfully violent and coercive mental health law.
  • Prof. Theresia Degener, in spite of a contrary opinion of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, is not prepared to retract its claim that incarceration and forced treatment on the pretext that a person is allegedly "mentally ill" and dangerous, with the consent of a judge and a corresponding law being compatible with the CRPD. That professor Degener has now been proposed by the German Government for the committee at the UN to internationally monitor the implementation of the CRPD is a logical consequence of this policy of prevention of disability rights. She will try to cover this German Institute for Government Favors on an international level. Thus, the CRPD within the UN is greatly weakened, if not completely destroyed.

That in Germany many disability organizations stay completely blind to this development and declare that they should look away from the dramatic human rights abuses in the field of psychiatry is very, very sad!

These organizations seem to think that they could be so kind and in return the state governments in Germany would let a few crumbs fall from the table. They will however have a rude awakening when they realize that with this tactic they could "harvest" just the opposite. Because if they allow the CRPD to be rendered ineffective at such a pivotal point, where core values are at stake, then the CRPD is so weakened that it is not even strong enough for being delivered "crumbs".

These false hopes have now led to there being a deep rift between us and these other groups who are being disabled. There was already an indication of this contradiction, however, when these organizations sought to prevent the legislative process for the advance directive, which is legally binding since September 2009. That self-determination, especially against medical paternalism, must be achieved, seems to be completely alien to them.

This is a joint statement by:
Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Psychiatrie-Erfahrener (National Organisation of Psychiatric Survivors), Irren-Offensive (the Lunatic Offensive) , Landesverband Psychiatrie-Erfahrener Berlin-Brandenburg, Landesverband Psychiatrie-Erfahrener NRW (psychiatric survivors in Berlin, Brandenburg and the state of North Rhine Westphalia).

Photos of the event:

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